StaffEach staff member who works at Bridge Street has been selected after reviewing a variety of factors including experience, training, and an overall compassionate attitude. It is essential that our staff be aware of the changing needs and preferences of all of our residents. As such, it is extremely important to us that our staff share our goals and ideals. We...


Living AreaSeniors who desire to live in a convenient location while still experiencing a home rich with character are drawn to The Bridge Street Retirement Residence. We pride ourselves in offering a value location while maintaining a high quality of care and flexibility.

Our facility, which is set within the remodeled St. Thomas Parish Hall, is located in a mature neighborhood just minutes away Belleville’s Historic Downtown. However, there is more to Bridge Street’s appeal then just location; modern renovations have been perfectly blended with classic architecture to provide the perfect home for today’s seniors.

We offer a comprehensive list of medical and personal services that can be custom tailored to meet the needs of each individual resident. There is an in house pharmacy available and three house physicians. This high level of availability ensures that even the most independent of residents and their families can enjoy peace of mind. We offer three complete meals per day, a large variety of activities, complementary housing, and an assortment of other benefits that create a strong sense of community and alleviate stress.

All of these factors combined make Bridge Street a truly wonderful living experience for our residents. You will be hard pressed to find an atmosphere that compares to the one we offer here, making Bridge Street exactly Where You Want To Be.

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Retirement Homes - Residents of retirement housing complexes are, for the most part, able to take care of themselves. In some cases retirement communities will allow home care companies into the community to assist several residents with minor care requirements which they may have. The definition of a retirement community is not simple, but most communities share certain characteristics. Such characteristics consist of features such as age restriction, individuals should be fully or partially retired, and the community must include common services and amenities.


Assisted Living in Belleville

Assisted Living - Nursing homes and rest homes are different from convalescent homes. Even if they may provide similar assistance, convalescent homes differ from both nursing or rest homes. The purpose of convalescent homes is to provide long or short term care to patients who are recovering from injury, medical procedures or sickness. Convalescent home residents look forward to going back to their own house once they are completely recovered. Even though the general expectation is that residents would return home after they recover, there are times when they will end up living in a home for the rest of their lives. This usually happens when the patient either does not fully recover, or they cannot properly care for themselves after their recovery.



Belleville became a major railway center right after the Grand Trunk Railway was completed in 1855. During 1998, the city was amalgamated along with the nearby Township of Thurlow, which expanded the area to form the City of Belleville (as part of the Ontario-wide municipal reconstruction). Belleville city was also joined to some portions of Quinte West to the west.

There is much natural beauty and scenery, with beautiful parks can be found throughout the city of Belleville. Some of the parks and locations include the Lake on Mountain, Sand Banks Provincial Park, Glanmore National Historic Site, RCAF Museum, Family Fishing Weekend and Quinte West. These are just some of the more common locales people could visit in Belleville...